Getting ready to leave South Africa took forever, but even after we were ready to go our visas weren’t ready. The process of waiting, application, and re-booking missed flights was excruciating, until I reached the point where I didn’t really believe I was going to leave. But of course the time finally came, and one final goodbye at the airport that seemed to take forever, until we went through those gates. Continue reading ‘Fast-foreward through Abu Dhabi, Athens and Thessaloniki’


When I first told people I was moving to Macedonia for a year the inevitable result was “Where?”. I had to become an expert on the country overnight, reading all I could about country, language and culture. But after reading all I could I still knew next to nothing about Štip, the town I would be living in. In a whole travel guide dedicated to this small country Štip receives just over one page… they recommend allocating one day to see the town and surrounding countryside. So now I’m left South Africa to go to Europe, the centre of everything, and the middle of nowhere, and I’m here to take you along on my journey.